Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Foundation: A Walk Through The Constitution of the United States of America

In Egypt, there are great pyramids that have endured the test of time. They have been standing tall for centuries. They are weathered and battered on the outside, but they stand strong on their foundations.

These pyramids were designed by engineers whom seemingly had intellect beyond their times, and constructed by common people who sacrificed their very lives in the process of erecting them. Granted, these builders were not volunteering themselves for this task, most were slaves, driven to work, in most cases until they dropped dead.

After centuries, the kingdoms responsible for the building of these pyrimids are long gone, but the structures still remain. They have endured centuries due to one thing.. A strong foundation.

During the building of our country, our forefathers took up a somewhat similar task. They embarked on a journey with one goal; To build a great foundation that, in their hopes, would carry a great nation for centuries to come.

These men sacrificed all that they had in order to achieve their goal. Many were shunned by their friends and neighbors for what they were doing. Many lost everything they had. They were labeled as traitors, upstarts, rabblerousers. But they held to their beliefs that one day they would construct a framework, ontop of which would be built a great nation.

And they were right.

The Constitution of the United States of America is that framework. Its design was practically genius in its scope. It was written during a time when things were, technologically speaking, archaic, but still remains on point even in today's technological environment. It was written with one simple ideal in mind; the PEOPLE have the power, the governement serves them. Simple... Straight foward... Easy to understand...

But what is going on? Why does it seem that the ideal is reversing?

I am going to take some time and walk through the Constituion and it's amendments. I'm going to do my best to remind people of what this foundation means, why it was created, and how important it is to each and every one of us as individuals, and also as a country.

I hope anyone who reads this blog gets something out of it. And I hope to learn in the process.

I am going to do this in a logical and factual manner. I am not going to take political sides. I am not going to say "Liberals bad... republicans good"... because lets face it... when it comes to professional politicians, neither of the two major parties really adheres to the framework and i's limitations of the federal government.

So I hope you enjoy this journey.

See you in the comments!